Hi, I'm Amanda.

I'm here to help you create realistic, sustainable healthy habits so you can stop messing around with fad diets and quick-fix exercise programs. 

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Our Manifesto

Work Week Fitness is dedicated to helping strong, independent women dominate their health and fitness so they can keep conquering for years to come. In our world, lady bosses sweat it out here so everything at work is "no sweat" to manage. Losing weight, conquering the kitchen, being a boss at the gym - however you want to blaze your trail, we'll help you turn your healthy lifestyle into a reflex that fuels your empire. Because in the fast lane, we conserve our energy to live like Queen Bey, spending our precious time and energy on family, friends, aspirations, travel and taking over the world.



The What

My objective is easy. I’m here to help you establish healthy habits that actually stick. I want to help you bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. I’ll do that by breaking things down into simple, clear steps that are easy to follow and lead to results. I'm here to give you tons of useful information (not just top 5 fluff) to help guide you through the process of incorporating variety, balance and real food into a motivating lifestyle that creates sustainable results.

The Why

I absolutely HATE seeing my friends and family try unsuccessful diets and exercise programs only to leave them more frustrated and discouraged. I’m so sick of the boring, bland, intense from the start programs that aren’t sustainable and don’t produce real results that stick. Most of us are average, busy people who just want to feel confident and be comfortable wearing shorts.

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The Gist

Hi, I'm Amanda. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve been combining my experience, research and trial and error into a healthy, sustainable lifestyle I love. Now my goal is to help you learn how to establish sustainable eating and exercise habits on your own so you can stop spending money on diets, trainers and programs that don't work.

My Story

I work full-time, travel a ton, I’m half Samoan, in my early 30’s, and always seem to be busy. I’m really just your average gal, trying to incorporate realistic healthy habits into her life. I played high school sports and intramurals in college (specifically flag football). I even coached high school and club volleyball for a few years. Once I went to college, I realized it wasn’t so easy to stay fit without my team and coaches. The roller coaster began. I gained about 30 pounds and was honestly oblivious to it at first.

Once I decided I wanted to get back into shape, I was a lost. Without my team, the competition, the drive -- I didn’t know where to start, let alone how to keep myself motivated once I did get started. How would I get from where I was to where I wanted to be? And where exactly did I want to end up anyway? All those diets and workout programs never seemed to work because the people who are on diets seemed to ALWAYS be on diets. Obviously there was a flaw (seriously, if diets worked, wouldn't you try it and be done?) 

Over the past 10+ years, I've studied, done a lot of trial and error, and honestly felt a lot of frustration, I set out to learn. I read and watched everything I could, I talked to trainers, athletes, coaches, doctors, and anyone who had useful information. I researched lots of different exercises and continually experimented with different workouts and foods. I finally found my way to the gym after feeling lost without competitive sports, but I was bored. Nobody was there to tell me what to do. The gym was totally new to me.  

BUT, I found a way to mix up my workouts and feel that adrenaline again. I try to get in the gym, hit it hard and get out. I’ve found a solution that works for me. Now I thrive off of working out and want to pass on everything I’ve learned. I’ve sustained good habits for over 5 years. I try to workout 4-5 times per week but often find myself in the gym 2-3 times per week. I eat dark chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY. I think balance and real food are vital. I have a normal, busy life, I travel a lot for work, I'm not trying to post awkward, nearly naked pictures on social media. I really just want to look and feel good. I’m no professional, I’m not a trainer. I’m a former athlete and an average 30 year old woman who has found a realistic way to work health & fitness into a busy, every day schedule. The gym doesn't have to be your solution, but I am here to prove that you don't need formal training to be successful. And you don't have to hate the process. Healthy does not equal miserable. Don't believe the myths. 

If you're ready to take matters into your own hands, sign up for my free course: Create a Healthy Lifestyle™. I'll teach you exactly what I've done over the past 10+ years to create a healthy lifestyle I love. Let's ditch the diets for good.

Some FAQ's:

Q: Are you a trainer?


Q: Why not? Should I trust you?

I did consider getting certified, but I felt like it would be a lie. I lost 30 lbs on my own - no certification and I'm here to help you do the same. As of right now, if I got certified, it would just be for show. If I decide to teach group classes or something in the future that requires the certification, I would get it then. And yes, you should trust me because I'm living proof of everything I talk about, write about, etc. because I tried it first. 

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