ultimate no excuses GIVEAWAY - $160+ worth of Food & equipment to kick start your healthy lifestyle with ease

I'm giving away a no excuses bundle to kick start your healthy lifestyle.

Why? Because I want you to be successful and I want to give you an easy way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle - with practical time saving products. 

I'm giving away 1 week of free food - fully prepped and delivered to your doorstep for ultimate ease. PLUS, you'll get exercise equipment that you can use at home, on the go or in the gym. It's lightweight and doesn't take up much space. 

Healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway - Enter to win over $160 of food and equipment

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I'm giving you over $160 worth of food and equipment to kick-start your healthy lifestyle with ease! 

I've been hard at work, collaborating with awesome companies like Survival and Cross, Freshly and Elite SRS Fitness to give you the ULTIMATE BUNDLE.

You can enter the giveaway here!

What I'm giving away: 

  • 6 free Freshly meals ($69)
  • 1 Elite SRS Fitness jump rope ($29)
  • 1 Survival and Cross ab roller ($22)
  • 1 Survival and Cross yoga mat ($21)
  • 1 Survival and Cross resistance band ($15)
  • 1 water bottle ($6)

Plus, everyone can immediately qualify for a free motivation worksheet

Motivation Worksheet - free when you refer 2+ friends to the ultimate kick-starter giveaway for a healthy lifestyle

Here's how to enter & win:

Go HERE to enter the giveaway (super quick & easy)

THEN, use the "lucky url" you get on the thank you page to share with your friends. The link is unique to you so I'll know who is referring like a boss. There's no limit to how many friends you can refer, so be sure to share as much as you can while the giveaway is live. For every friend that enters, you get an extra 5 entries. 

EVERYONE who refers at least two friends will be sent the free motivation worksheet at the end of the giveaway. 

So share away, my friends! Limitless entries means getting the word out via blogs, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Periscope, or any other way you can think of! 

What if you forget your lucky url? 

Don't worry, all you have to do is go back to the giveaway page and you can find it there. Pretty sweet, right? 

The giveaway ends on Monday, July 4 at noon PST. That means you have 8 more days to share your lucky url and increase your chances to win this no excuses bundle for a healthy lifestyle. 

Want more details on what's included in the bundle? 

I got your back. If you haven't heard of any of the items included or you're not quite sure how you would use them - I'll tell you!

6 free Freshly meals ($69)

Win 6 free meals in the healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway!

Freshly is AWESOME. I discovered them at the beginning of this year. I always tell people its how I meal prep without prepping. No shopping, no cooking - very little effort. Beef provencial (pictured above) is one of my go-to meals.

All you do is select your meals, then Freshly cooks them (fresh) and delivers them (fresh) right to your doorstep. You can feel like a baller when your first meals appear at your house. That's right - you have a meal service.

No sugar, no gluten, & never frozen. These are NOT diet meals. They're packed with hearty protein, good carbs and healthy vegetables - that's right, it's real food. You can learn more about them here

Ready to enter the giveaway? Click here >>

1 Elite SRS Fitness jump rope ($29)

Win this jump rope in the healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway!

Jump rope is a great way to increase your cardio. Even if you only have a few minutes before you leave for work, you can jump rope to get in a little cardio. Plus, it's super easy to pack and take with you - so if whether you're headed on a trip, working out at home or exercising in a gym - it's an easy way to work in cardio.

I've learned over the years that a quality jump rope can make a big difference! Thanks, Elite SRS Fitness for working with me!

1 Survival and Cross ab roller ($22)

Win this ab roller in the healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway!

Survival and Cross has been GREAT to work with! An ab roller is again a small piece of equipment. Your core supports your legs, your back, your posture – and is a very important set of muscles to strengthen. The ab roller allows you to work your core in a small space and is again easy to store because of its size. 

1 Survival and Cross yoga mat ($21)

Win this yoga mat in the healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway!

A yoga mat is just a good go-to. It helps prevent sliding when you're streching, doing yoga or doing exercises. If you're working out at home, it's much more sanitary than breathing into your carpet or sweating all over it. It’s also more sanitary to have your own yoga mat instead of using the ones at the gym that have been sweated on by more than 23481 people. Gross, right? 

1 Survival and Cross resistance band ($15)

Win this resistance band in the healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway!

A resistance band is a great piece of equipment to use when you don’t have weights – or even if you do. It's an alternate way to work your muscles and incorporating variety into your workouts is important for continued progress. You can adjust your grip on the band to make exercises easier or more difficult. It’s also light weight, requires very little space to use and can be super effective for a variety of exercises.

If you don't know anything about Survival and Cross, you should check them out. Like I said, they've been great to work with and you now have the chance to win some of their awesome equipment FOR FREE. 


1 water bottle ($6)

Win this water bottle in the healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway!

You know it's important to stay hydrated, right? Well, its a lot easier to do when you carry a water bottle with you. I prefer metal water bottles like this one, with a top that twists off. Plus, I thought this one was cute. 

Motivation Worksheet

Qualify for a 3 page motivation worksheet when you refer 2+ friends in the healthy lifestyle kick-starter giveaway


I've already created a motivation checklist for you, but I wanted to give you something more interactive. This no-excuses bundle is completed with a 3 page motivation worksheet to help you recognize and implement the things in your life that will take you from the couch to fitness (even if you aren't starting as a couch potato). In order to really establish a healthy lifestyle, you have to know what motivates you. This is truly the foundation that will help you have long-term success, which is why I wanted to give it away to EVERYONE. Use this worksheet to transition to an improved healthy lifestyle that you can sustain for years! You qualify for it as soon as you refer two or more friends. 

Enter the giveaway here, refer your friends & kick-start your healthy lifestyle! >>

Good luck!